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Whole Bean Super Espresso 2.2 lbs

Whole Bean Super Espresso 2.2 lbs

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  • 100% NATURAL COFFEE BEANS: we source premium Arabica coffee beans from most reliable farms worldwide to make this gourmet blend. Then we roast beans in our family-owned roastery in Republic of Georgia (Europe). We like our coffee simple and natural: our products are NON GMO & Kosher certified with NO artificial flavors.
  • BALANCED, STRONG & INTENSE AROMA: this medium roast blend is ideal for making Italian espresso: not too acid or bitter.
  • LARGE FORMAT: our 2.2 pound coffee bag is a great value for small coffee shops as well as homes.
  • BARISTA APPROVED AT MONDO COFFEE BEVERLY HILLS: we use these beans to make espresso in our first artisan coffee shop in California. Locals love it!
  • RECOMMENDED USE: grind beans for espresso machine before each brewing. After opening the bag, store coffee in airtight container in the room and use within 2 weeks for fresh aroma.

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