Our coffee journey starts in 1998.

Since 1998 we have been traveling the world and exploring diverse coffee cultures. One day we asked ourselves ‘how can we share this knowledge and inspire others to fall in love with pure, natural coffee?’.

Mondo goes global.

Today we are an international brand with HQs in Beverly Hills, Moscow and Tbilisi. Mondo Coffee is also available in Germany, UK, Greece, Azerbaijan and more. 

Roasted & packed in-house.

Since the beginning we have been investing in the best Italian and Japanese machinery. Unlike many coffee brands, we don't outsource roasting, blending, packing and quality control.

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  • Global Recognition.

    We are members of Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) and the International Coffee Organization (ICO). We closely work with top Q Graders, coffee importers and certified experts to help us test out and refine our coffees.

  • One Ingredient: Coffee

    We source only the most responsibly sourced coffees and never add flavors or additives.

    Non-GMO • Kosher • Responsibly sourced • Organic

  • Your Perfect Business Partner.

    We are fully equipped to help you grow with Mondo. Anywhere in the world. Since our roastery is located in Tbilisi, Georgia it is a perfect location for logistics.

    Become a distributor (coming soon) 
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