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Single Serve Coffee Bags

Brew 20 cups • Organic

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    Assortment of 20 single origin coffee packets: 4 Brazil, 4 Colombia, 4 Costa Rica, 4 Guatemala, 4 Honduras. This sampler is a perfect gift set

    Fast and easy to brew (like a steeped tea bag): place coffee bag in a cup and add hot water

      Premium coffee maker on the go: compact, disposable single use steeped bags are great for camping, travel or home

      Gourmet quality: Mondo Coffee is 100% Arabica, organic and roasted in small batches. No added flavors, Kosher, non-GMO, low acid and responsibly sourced pure coffee

      Superior single-serve coffee: capsules, pods, Keurig K Cups and instant coffee makers create waste. Our eco friendly coffee filter pouches are fully biodegradable

        Brewing instructions

        1. Place the coffee bag in a cup

        2. Pour over 8 oz (237ml) boiled water

        3. Steep for 3-5 minutes. Dunk, squeeze and remove the bag. Use each bag only once

        Small amounts of coffee residue on the cup bottom are normal.

        More info

        Type: Medium Roast, 100% Arabica, Organic coffee

        Net weight: 240 grams (8.47 oz). 12 grams (0.42 oz) of coffee per bag

        Certifications: Kosher, Non-GMO. Roasted and packed in Georgia