Mondo Coffee Steeped Bags in a Cup

Mondo Coffee Introduces Steeped Coffee

Beverly Hills, California  - Mondo Coffee today announced a new lineup to expand its single-serve coffee portfolio. This compact box contains 20 individually   wrapped coffee bags. 

Product Highlights

  1. Just organic 100% Arabica coffee
  2. The 20-pack contains 5 single origin coffees: 4 Brazil, 4 Colombia, 4 Costa Rica, 4 Guatemala, 4 Honduras
  3. Each bag contains 12 grams (0.42 grams) of organic ground coffee.
  4. Easy to brew: just add 8 oz of hot water
  5. You can also make a cold brew


Available all over US.

Mondo Steeped Coffee is available at Mondo Coffee Beverly Hills coffee shop, online at, Etsy, Walmart and Amazon online stores. 

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